FORADIA managers team, with the conscience of the customer requirements and prosecuting the continouous improvement in its manufacturing process and offerred services, it is trying to finish during 2009:

UNE-EN-ISO 9001:00 standard of quality assurance.


To Develop, maintain and evaluate a Quality System focused to the continuous efficiency improvement for our customers satisfaction, agree with all established requirements.

To Establish the internal communication channels, necessary for the quality Policy and goals acknowledge and extended to all organization levels and available for the public in general.

To make annual checking, by the managers team, de todo el Sistema de Gestión con el objetivo de conseguir su adecuación continua.

Provide the necessary training to all organization members, with the intention to ensure their capacity to make all assigned activities and to extend the necessary quality knowledges.

Comunicate to the organization members their activity importance to the established objectives and achieve their identification with the necessity of the maintenance and update of the present management system.

To keep an active attitude for the innovation and development of the used techniques that can give an upper quality level of the products and services offerred.

Assume the compromize with the applying rules and reglamentation of quality and any else requirement that Foradia subscribes.