The reason to exist of FORADIA is:

Provide the market of Integral engineering solutions for the industry (automation, machining and assembly), with a sustainable focus, in order to optimize and make profitable the production processes, always with collaboration with our customer.

This is our goal


The goal of the future Foradia is:

To be the Comunitat Valenciana reference at national level in Integral Sustainable Engineering Solutions adapted to our customers.


  • Transparency /Professionality: Foradia keeps a sincere and transparent relation with our customers and suppliers with the trust between all sides.
  • Focused to the customer: Our clear vocation is the custoomer service, showing the close link and compromise with the project, with the goal to achieve the best custom-service to the customer.
  • Flexibility: The company wants to give a fast response to the customer, being able to develope big projects and also little projects with the adaptation to the cutomer to grow the project with the best possible way.
  • Sustainability: Inside to ensure the enterprise & workers survival and  outside to guarantee that the products and services developed by the company are really optimum and profitable for the customer’s production process.