FORADIA is the result of almost 100 years of trajectory and continuity to the legendary industry machine tools enterprise, Antonio Olcina Miró

  • 1912 starts its activity as Antonio Olcina, auxiliar workshop of the local industry.
  • 1920 manufactures milling machines and food machines.
  • 1930 focuses its manufacturing in wood machine tools specializing in universal wooden machines called “tupi”.
  • 1952 Design and production of the first FORADIA DRILLING MACHINES.
  • 1959 Design and manufacturing of the FORADIA LATHE for medium metalworking parts.
  • 1969 focuses its production in radial drilling machines until 1980, when Olcina Miró, S.A. sells its facilities to its workers.
  • 1980 constitution of FORADIA, S.A.L. partnership works company formed per a technicians & operators group, they gave continuity of machine tools manufacturing starting to produce CNC machining centres, including all its accessories like automatic tool warehouses, very similar to the machines configuration produced today.
  • 1992 crises produces the CNC abandon and the urgent strategic re-focus to integral ingeering solutions, converting the series factory to a machining workshop, strong engineering department and machines assemblies/cosntruction works.
  • 2009 New strategic plan with the main partners succession to give the new generations with the high qualification, new ideas, new illusions, all together focused to innovate, surprise and offer new products with quality , through honesty, creativity, iniciative, and hability to solve problems and needs of our customers. These are the main description of our people today.