Glass Fiber Chopper

MODELS FV-1270 – FV-2700 – FV-3250

Manufacturer: José Doménech S.L. with the Foradia collaboration.
José Doménech is a technical textil machines little company that produces accessories and equipment for MULTI AXIAL machines and also produces with our workshop & engineering dep. collaboration a Glass Fiber chopper.

  • Nominal width: from 1270 till 3250 mm
  • Choop lenght: 50mm and multiples
  • Cutting speed: 20 – 90 m/min
  • Number of Knives on cutting roll: 12
  • Knives captable to cut glass fiber of 4800 tex
  • Knives cilinder hard chrome plated and polished
  • Polyuretane cilinder of 15mm, 70 shoresA
  • With oscillating guide fibers bar.Ceramic guides incorporated
  • Antistatic device incorporated(7000V)with AC current and electroshock protection
  • Speed control done with a MITSUBISHI frecuency converter
  • Electrical instalation: 380V, 50Hz 1,5KW
  • Posibility of making even 3600 mm